Illinois Poster
A bird's-eye-view poster of (that part of the planet we call) Illinois! In Bob's own words this is:
  • A unique souvenir printed on ivory speckletone partly recycled stock (70lb), in black ink - on a heidelberg offset press.
  • Actual Poster is 19" wide x25" tall (that's 475 square inches)
  • Crammed with interesting facts & rich in natural history
  • A hand resource when traveling or exploring.
  • Drawn entirely freehand.
  • An unusual and affordable gift item.
  • Suitable for bathroom (or outhouse) walls (or any walls!), framed *or* unframed.
  • A great "converstation piece" (conservation piece!?) for the coffee table.
  • Possibly a future "collector's item".
  • All printing is legible.
  • Hard to describe - but fun to try!
  • Poster includes "thumb-nail" sketches of more than 50 fellow-species of plants & animals with accompanying information. Learn about these "other citizens" who make their homes in New Mexico.